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You will be stupid. You will worry your parents. You will question your own choices, your relationships, your jobs, your friends, where you live, what you studied in college, that you went to college at all… If that happens, you’re doing it right.

27 Bits of Wisdom from 2012 Commencement Addresses - Mental Floss

Then I am certainly doing it 100% correctly…

Greatness is nothing but the surface tension on the spit bubble of human endeavor. On a geological time scale, our measurable effect on the planet is a greasy burp. We are seven billion tiny flecks of talking meat stuck to an unremarkable mud ball hurtling through space in an unimaginably vast universe for no particular reason. There is no difference between kings and cripples, my friend. We’re all the same hodgepodge of primordial goo, and the pursuit of greatness is a fool’s errand.

Dear Coke Talk


Dear Coke Talk: On the seven year itch. 


Dear Coquette,

I’m 37 and feel like I’m married to the wrong man. He’s a great provider and loves me unconditionally. We don’t have kids yet, but he wants to. Should I risk leaving him to try to find “the one” even though I’m no spring chicken?

You’re 37? Jesus, lady. Put down that Chardonnay-stained copy of “Eat, Pray, Love” and back away slowly because that nonsense has you talking like a doe-eyed teenager….

I wish more women would stop watching Sex and the City and start reading Dear Coke Talk. The world would be a much better place.

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Good morning. I’d like to start by noting, you’re all fucked.